What's The Difference Between Learning Hypnosis And Learning Hypnotherapy?

When you learn hypnosis, you may be learning about self hypnosis or you may be learning about how to hypnotize others. This typically involves putting yourself or someone else into a deep sleep so that you can give them subconscious suggestions, such as making them think it's cold in the room when it's really not; or really hot, or you can even make them sing like an opera singer. This is usually used for stage shows, which makes for great entertainment. The other side of the hypnosis coin is learning hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is used to help people with self limiting beliefs, it's used to help them quit a bad habit, or it's just used to help them improve themselves. Learning hypnotherapy is a lot like learning about psychology. You'll learn how the mind works, how to manipulate the mind to run more efficiently and you'll basically become a doctor of the mind.

Where Can You Learn?

You can't really learn hypnotherapy online for free or from a book. Learning hypnotherapy generally involves schooling, or learning from someone who is an expert in teaching such a subject. Some states even require you to get a license to practice hypnotherapy. If that's the case, you'll have to go about learning hypnotherapy from a certified school or teacher. It's just like any other therapy, mental or physical. Learning hypnotherapy or even when you learn clinical hypnosis, you have a patient you're dealing with. This is no longer some parlor trick used for entertainment.


Learning hypnotherapy means that you are qualified to help people with all sorts of problems. You can help them overcome certain fears and phobias, you can help them improve their health, you can help them overcome some bad habits and you can even help to change their self esteem. You can make someone more assertive and you can help them to live up to their true potential. Imagine the satisfaction you'll have learning hypnotherapy knowing that you will one day help someone become a better person.

Nay Sayers

There are some people out there who say that learning hypnotherapy is a waste of time. "It doesn't work," they say. There are many more people, however, who will strongly disagree. Many people have been helped by doctors and individuals who have gone about learning hypnotherapy. They had a problem and they were fixed by a knowledgeable therapist of the mind.

So if you like helping people and you like to deal with people one on one, and you want to go into a practice that is rather unorthodox, then you should really consider going about learning hypnotherapy.


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