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No Need To Fear Medical Hypnosis

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to hypnotherapy, or medical hypnosis. Even the American Medical Association endorses medical hypnosis for some illnesses and conditions. They do not make that recommendation because someone hypnotized them to say that. That's because when it comes to your health, hypnosis often works. You still need to see your regular doctor even when under medical hypnosis.

Won’t My Mind Be Under Someone Else's Control?

Although we were all raised on tales of evil Svengails (or cult leaders) who could control their member's minds, medical hypnosis will not brainwash you. Your inner self is far more powerful than any hypnotist. If you don’t want to do it, you cannot be hypnotized into doing it. Unlike brainwashing, you have to want help from the medical hypnosis in order for it to have any affect.

Can I Accidentally Go Into A Trance?

There are persistent urban legends about people who were hypnotized once, and then went into hypnotic trances at the most peculiar times, like behind the wheel of a car. You cannot go into a hypnotic trance at unpredictable times. You can only go into a hypnotic trance right before falling asleep, which can happen at a medical hypnosis session. There is also no sound or vibration known to science that can automatically trigger a hypnotic trance in anyone.

I Can't Be Hypnotized

You don’t know if you can’t be hypnotized unless you try it. However, if the thought of medical hypnotism really makes you so anxious that you can't sleep the night before the session, then perhaps you should try another treatment. Some people refuse to be hypnotized. Some will only go to hypnotist if there is a friend in the room with them. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a matter of personal choice.

Will I Become Dependent?

Unlike many other forms of medical treatments, there are very few negative side effects with medical hypnosis. Each person needs their own number of hypnosis sessions in order to get any help. For some people, this means only a few sessions. For others, it can take months. However, the goal of any reputable hypnotherapist is to give you the tools to help yourself.

Before you go to your first medical hypnosis session, check with your health insurance to see if they will cover or reimburse you for any part of it. You might also need a written letter from your doctor sent to your health insurance saying that the treatment is necessary. The rules differ from company to company.





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