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A Hypnosis Doctor Is Not A Stage Performer

Perhaps you've heard or read a lot about how hypnosis can help you in many kinds of physical and emotional problems. And then you see that there's a hypnotist coming to town, perhaps opening for a comedian, a band or a magician. Don’t go to this person for any kind of medical hypnotherapy. What you see on stage is a funny and entertaining act, but the hypnotist is in no way a true hypnosis doctor. Much of the time, the "volunteers" are actors.

Finding A Hypnotherapist

If you really want to find a hypnosis doctor, or hypnotherapist, stop looking in the entertainment section of your local paper. You need to search in different areas, but please don’t use this article in the place of a medical professional's advice. Depending on your condition, you could ask your doctor or your therapist for a hypnosis doctor recommendation.

Another great place to check is with the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. They have a user-friendly website. They list all of the licensed hypnotherapists in Canada, America, the UK and Europe. If you live in America, you can search by state. This is not a complete listing of all of the hypnosis doctors in your area, but it's a good place to start.

Maybe You Don’t Have To Look Far

With patients demanding more complimentary and alternative medical therapies, many conventional doctors are taking courses in how to be a hypnosis doctor. Many psychologists or those in the metal health profession also often are licensed hypnosis doctors. Even pastors are taking hypnosis courses to help their counseling efforts.

Many certification programs, such as the one for the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, require all potential candidates to hold a graduate degree in the medical, pastoral counseling or mental health fields. Then, the candidates must take classes that up to at least 60 ours in hypnosis doctor school.

Self Hypnosis

If this is all just a little too much and you are still interested in hypnosis helping you in such areas as trying to quit smoking, handling stress or conquering phobias, then you could try being your own hypnosis doctor. You do need to get a self hypnosis CD or DVD in order to help ease you into a hypnotic trance, although it shouldn’t put you completely to sleep. You need to put yourself into a trance, where your subconscious is eagerly open to suggestion. You then give it your suggestion. This takes a lot of practice for some people. This approach isn’t for everyone.


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